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Career Opportunities in Sports Management


SPAA- DDA AND UNIVERSITIES takes upmost care to provide the students with the latest knowledge in sports. While we at DDA also take care that the students get placed in good companies. DDA provides guidance to students after they complete their courses in order to secure appropriate jobs.

  • There are over 10000 sports management, sports event management and other sports products related companies in India, where students can apply for jobs for various profiles, after completing the courses offered by DDA.
  • The successful completion of these courses would enable participants to take active part in the organization of Sports events at the National and International level, IT companies sports events.
  • Participants will get jobs / assignments as Managers and Coordinators in organizing different Sports events at various Clubs / Associations / Federations.
  • Participants will get jobs in Gymnasiums, Sport Academies, and Sport Departments in IT Companies, Educational Institutes/Schools/Colleges/ Universities.
  • One can also be the personal manager or agents of renowned players who do PR work, career enrichment and get the brand endorsement assignments.
  • Many private and government institutes require sports managers to supervise the sports activities .Even club hotels, resorts recruit sports managers to manage their gymnasiums and sports centers.
  • Scope Abroad: International companies like Globosports, World Tel Sports, International Management Group are key players who look after the public relation and brand endorsements of renowned players of the world.

Following are the various types of job profiles which can be applied for in Sports Event Management after completion of the Sports Management course:

Ceremonies and cultural events

In every National & International sports event, opening and closing ceremonies are conducted. Various jobs have to be done like managing the inventories, checking whether all events are as per schedule etc. Various creative ideas have to be implemented in order to make a unique and attractive event. Team selection, sequencing, selection of appropriate cultural idea etc. are some important areas of ceremonies and cultural events department.

City services and coordination:

In city services and coordination the individuals are required to coordinate with other departments in order to cater their need for services from the city. They are responsible for the off-venue services provided to the officials, players and organizers.

Communication and technology :

This department deals with the various electronic equipments used for the event in order to carry on efficient communication. Individuals are expected to manage all electronic and technical equipments used at the event and make them available whenever required.

Corporate affairs:

Merchandising means sales promotion. It includes marketing and advertising the team, sponsors or the event. Merchandising of official apparel, equipments, bags etc. are some jobs under this department. It is not like a normal marketing activity but a very practical and knowledgeable affair.

As the name itself suggests, it is related with getting sponsorships from various companies, interested in investing in such a kind of event. It is a part of marketing but it is more result oriented.

This job is strongly related with making easy availability of tickets to the people and making various ways open for them to get a ticket. It also puts a responsibility to maintain account of tickets i.e. current and advance booking, general and special and V.I.P. passes etc. Finally all this is to be reported to the Finance Department.

Finance and procurement:

This profile includes preparing the budget and maintaining records of the whole event, keeping track of the ticket counter, preparing a detailed report of the expenses and incomes for the purpose of comparison and audit. It also deals with the salary and wages of the people engaged in this event. Procurement basically is an art of collecting and allocating money. It means allocation and apportionment of the revenues and cost to various departments.

Gate management:

We can easily guess the profile of this job. It is managing the people coming in and going out. In simple words, checking the passes, identity proof if needed, communicating the Organization department about the response of people and numbers in waiting.

Health services and dope control:

Thorough medical checkup, dope tests of the players is to be carried out at the intervals and report is to be kept with the relevant authority. As well as the health habits of the players is to be taken care of. Good nutrition and healthy diet should be given to them. For this purpose, appropriate nutritionist, heath therapist should be appointed and consulted.

Legal affairs:

NOC relations:

Obtaining No Objection Certificate from appropriate authorities is the basic requirement of an event.
Protocol and accreditation:

This job includes Reporting any protocol relating issue as observed in and out of the airports, railway stations etc. to appropriate protocol coordinator Assist accreditation crew on a day to day basis to cater to service any immediate accreditation request by officials, athletes, VIP’s, and other functional area representatives.

Publicity and media:

Informing media about the relative event and making its publicity on print or electronic media is the basic necessity of any event.

Image and look:

It is basically concerned with the outer look of the invitations or advertisement published.

It involves the print media i.e. the after drafting and pre publishing. Hoardings, paper ads, banners etc are the print media which are to be designed perfectly. Care has to be taken in checking spelling mistakes, drafting, content, layout etc.

At the reception department individuals are required to receive players, officials and V.I.Ps and arrange for their transportation. Also this department plays a vital role at receiving people at the venue.

It includes gate Security. Security at the venue, security of players etc. For this purpose, selection of appropriate security agency is important. Managing the mob and taking care of spectators is the basic responsibility of a security team. Security team works not only at the venue but while in travel also.

Venue management:

It involves management at the venue of the event. Venue management includes seat numbers management, place management, parking, entrance, time management etc. Availability of light, water, toilets, air, eatables etc. and other necessities of the sports event have to be checked.
Tourism, hospitality, accommodation and visitors service:

It consists of the accommodation, hospitality and service provided to the players, officials and V.I.Ps and arranging site-seeing visits.

Transport and travel:

It mainly relate to the transportation of the sports material, equipments, players, officials and V.I.Ps from the place of accommodation to the venue of the event. Arrival in time and departure at time is the key responsibility.

All departments mentioned above have volunteers assigned to them. The only difference is there is a manager for guidance and coordinators for giving instructions. The workload and level of responsibility is moderate. The main execution of the event is done by volunteers only.

Various Volunteer teams are:
Culture and ceremony
Visitors service
Communication and technology

Recruiters of Sports Management Students

Here is a list of companies where students are currently employed in. This can surely be you in the near future.

Star Sports

Olympic Gold Quest


DSK Shivajians Liverpool International Academy

Indian Super League Teams

Indian Premier League Teams

Indian Kabaddi League Teams

KOOH Sports

The HEAL Institute

IOS Sports and Entertainment


Western India Football Association

Percept Talent Management

Procam International

IMG – Reliance



Holding Willey

Sports Gurukul

Salaam Bombay

Leap start

Out of the Box Events


Woot Factor

Tennis Excellence

Sports Interactive

ISF 36

Gun for Glory Shooting Academy, Pune;
Sports Mechanics, Chennai;
Della Adventures, Lonavala;
Percept D'Mark, Mumbai;
Rhiti Sports, New Delhi, Mumbai;
Kaveri Sports Centre;

VMax Fitness Studio,Pune;
Pune Football Club (PFC), Pune;
Snovit International Ice Skating Club,
VMax Sports & Fitness, Pune;
Achievers Sports Management Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi;
Champion Sports, Pune etc.....

Cricket India Academy

Natura Outdoor Education and Training Solutions

Carving Dreams